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Yang-ming Scholars’ Discussing Meetings (Chiang-hui)

Miaw-fen Lu

Ph.D. in History , UCLA

This article discusses the characteristics of the Yang-ming chiang-hui and their social and political implications. Yang-ming chiang-hui were local elite associations, whose periodic meetings assembled like-minded friends for philosophical discussions and moral cultivation. In addition to discussing the social status of their members, their location, duration, and activities, I try to argue against the conventional practice of confining chiang-hui activities to what went on at the academies. I show that chiang-hui often formed the foundation of the Yang-ming oriented academies. Since Yang-ming learning has been recognized as the most influential force for the revival of Ming academies, this wave of revival was based on the prosperity of chiang-hui, rather than the other way around. Furthermore, I also analyze how the members of the Yang-ming chiang-hui were involved in the construction of academies, and explore the socio-political engagement of gentry and scholars in local society.


Key Words: Wang Yang-ming, Yang-ming learning, chiang-hui, academy, Ming