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Chinese Historiography and the West in the Twentieth Century: Origins of Modern Historical Consciousness

Q. Edward Wang

History Department, Rowan University

By comparing the developments of historical writing in China and the West, this article argues that modern historiography promotes a new historical consciousness, which distinguishes past and present and advocates the need to rewrite history from the present perspective. In China, this new and modern historical consciousness was first introduced by Liang Ch'i-ch'ao and was fully developed by the work of some Western trained historians like Hu Shih, Ho Ping-sung, Fu Ssu-nien, Lo Ch'ia-lun, and Yao Tsung-wu. Enthusiasm for scientific history inspired/buoyed these historians to search for a new interpretation of Chinese history. In recreating China's past, they also constructed a new tradition.


Key Words: China, West, historiography, historical consciousness, Liang Ch'i-ch'ao, Hu Shih, Ho Ping-sung, Fu Ssu-nien, Lo Ch'ia-lun, Yao Tsung-wu.