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On the Study of the Medical History of the Sui-T’ang and Five Dynasties Period in Taiwan and Mainland China from 1911 to 1997

Jie-miin Jeng

Graduate Institute of History, National Taiwan Normal University

This article intends to review medical history of the Sui-T’ang and Five Dynasties period done by scholars in Taiwan and Mainland China from 1911 to 1997. The first section discusses pre-1949 research. The second and the third sections examine the accomplishment made in Taiwan and Mainland China respectively in the last thirty years. While scholars in Taiwan are quite successful in producing good articles individually, there is hardly any major large scale cooperative research project. In China, the study of medical history is supported by the government and appears to be very dynamic. However, since research in China is mainly focused on the technological aspects of medicine, it ignores the socio-cultural aspects of medical practice, which is emphasized presented in the scholarship in Taiwan. In view of past scholarship, the fourth section of this article suggests three subjects for further study: 1. the relations between medicine and traditional Chinese religions, such as Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism; 2. the study of social history of the Tun-huang medical texts; 3. the contact and interchange of medicine between China and its neighboring countries during the Sui-T’ang and Five Dynasties period.


Key Words: medical history, social history, Sui-T’ang and Five Dynasties