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A Case Study of a Mutual Impeachment between Zhang Boxing and Gali in Early Qing Dynasty

Lida Luo

Department of East Asian Language and History, Harvard University

This is a case study of a mutual impeachment between Zhang Boxing, a Chinese governor, and Gali, a Manchu governor-general in Jiangsu, in early Qing Dynasty. The case is chosen to be studied for the reason that it was the climax of the long term ethnic animosity and conflicts developed in the local area of Jiangnan. It was also a turning point in the evolution of the Qing political system. The article follows the trend of this evolution, and reveals the interaction of political power and the prevailing culture in the society. The questions being asked are: how was the ethnic tension expressed and manifested? What was the ethnic identity related to the state ideology, different values, and social norms? To what methods did the emperor resort to resolve the conflict? Was it predestined that Chinese were to lose in a Manchu ruled dynasty? If not, what elements could affect who was going to win? Were all the conflicts in vain? If not, what was the role that the ethnic conflict played in a political change?


Key Words: Zhang Boxing, Gali, mutual impeachment