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Family and Culture: A Case Study of  Ku Taiqing

Su-fen Liu

Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica

Ku Taiqing is a famous Manchurian poetess in the Qing dynasty. Based on her writings, this paper examines the demographic detail and accuracy of the genealogy of the Qing imperial lineage. We find that there were defects in the historical data of the Qing imperial genealogy caused by the conflicts between the Han and Manchu cultures. For example, Ku Taiqing’s original name was Echun. She came from one of the most famous sinicized Manchurian families and she was also her husband’s aunt. Her entry in the genealogy was incorrect for the sake of  concealing both facts. The sinicization of Qing imperial families could not be stopped by the emperors. Cultural conflicts between the Han chinese and Manchus created high tension in family life. Yet for some talented individuals, it also provided an opportunity to have achievement in the arts.


Key Words: Qing imperial lineage, Qing imperial genealogy, Ku Taiqing, sinicization, Qing poetess, woman and family