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The Nationalist Government’s Frontier Representatives: The Roles
and Political Actions of Kesang Tsering

Zheng Zhao

School of History and Culture, South China Normal University

In the frontier politics of the Republic of China, some politicians possessed double identities, such as Kesang Tsering, who represented both the central government and the frontier. Under the new conditions of the Nationalists’ strategy of frontier development after the Northern Expedition, situated in a complex network of political powers along the frontier, such politician played the role of the Nationalist government’s frontier representatives, implementing the Nationalists’ frontier policies. At the same time, they played multiple political roles in coordinating the distribution of powers and interests among the central government and various political groups along the frontier in order to attain their own political ideals and realize their self-interest. They were the products of modern social and political changes; moreover, on their own initiative they participated in the construction of the relationship between the central government and the frontier in this period.


Keywords: Nationalist government, frontier, Kesang Tsering, frontier politics, Ba’an Incident