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The Social Networks and Participation of Southern Song Literati in
Local Communities: The Case of Sun Yinshi

Kuan-chung Huang

Department of Medical Humanities and Social Sciences, Chang Gung University

Sun Yingshi (1154-1206) was a middle level official in the mid-Southern Song. Like many literati of the Song, he met people of various types and carefully managed his personal relationships. What makes Sun unique, however, is that his book, Zhuhu ji, mentions more than 230 people with whom he associated and thus provides unusually rich information about the local activities and scholarly networks of a learned man who was not particularly famous either as a scholar or as an official. This article studies Sun’s early life, his local connections, and his participation in local affairs through his family background and personal relationships, focusing on his interactions with literati of his hometown. Among his associates, there are 147 people whose hometowns can be traced, and of these 147 people, 53 were from Shaoxing . Through a case study of the local network established in Sun’s early life, this article explores the relationship between social network and official career, and how Sun’s network affected his participation in local society.


Keywords: Sun Jie, Hu Zongji, Shaoxing prefecture, personal networks in local community, participation in local affairs