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The Administrative Relationships between Regional Duguan and
Local Administrations during the Qin and Han Dynasties

Chun-fung Tong

Department of History, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

To better control natural resources, central government departments established certain regional branch-offices after the Warring States period. Unlike local administrative units such as commanderies 郡 and counties 縣, these branch-offices, like their central government counterparts, were regarded as Dūguān都官and thus were not responsible for civil affairs. These regional Dūguān, most of which were initially subordinate to Superintendent of the Lesser Treasury少府, were gradually devolved to the Superintendent of Agriculture 大司農 after Emperor Wu’s fiscal reform. Although regional Dūguān theoretically belonged to central government departments, they were controlled by local administrative units in the following three aspects: 1. administrative communications; 2. financial administration and labor force; 3. materials administration.


Keywords: Regional Duguan, capital office, local administration, communication, financial administration, materials administration