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The Royal Entry during 14 th -15 th Centuries in France

Hsiu-feng Chen

Department of History , National Taiwan Normal University

I n the numerous Fr ench royal rituals at the end of the Middle Ages, the Royal Entry, which carried more secular implications, gradually disclosed its importance. This ceremony enabled different classes of people in the kingdom to participate in political life. Moreover, th is ritual introduced individuals into the frame of loyalty to the king and the identity with the kingdom, thus encouraging civil awareness. The Royal Entry was the result and witness of the history development, infiltrated by the culture characters in the Middle Ages and representing the culture connotation at that time as the code. This research on French Royal Entry highlights four themes, i.e. ritual origins and process, parade structure, city's architecture and space, the meaning of the drama. Thus, this article focuses on exploring the public participating degree of royal ritual , the complex relationship of the interaction and causality between social classes and ceremonies, and the symbolic meanings of this parade in the end of the Middle Ages .


Keywords: Royal Entry , Ritual, Political Culture, Parade