2012 New History
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劉 勇
評解揚,《治政與事君 ── 呂坤《實政錄》及其經世思想研究》(全文下載)
 Book Reviews
中國近代史觀的分歧 ── 「赫德工程」衍生的討論與爭議


Chih-yun Chang
I-chun Fan
Differing Views of Modern Chinese History: Reconsidering the Debates Generated from the “ Hart Industry ”
 Notes and Discussions

黃帝不能察其幼小 ── 宋清之間小兒醫的自我認同與社會定位

Chia-feng Chang
Even the Yellow Lord Cannot Treat Children: Self-Identity and Social Positioning of Chinese Pediatricians from the Song to the Qing Dynasties
周 琳
「便商」抑或「害商」 ── 從仲介貿易 糾紛看乾隆至道光時期重慶的「官牙制」
Lin Zhou
The Government-aided Brokerage House System of Chong q ing in the Mid-Qing Dynasty: Disputes between Brokers and Merchants
段 煉
「穆姑娘」的關懷 ── 「五四」啟蒙思想中的新道德觀研究
Lian Duan
The Concerns of “ Miss Morals ” : The New Morality of May Fourth Chinese Intellectuals
孫 琦
大躍進前的糧食徵購 ── 以河南內鄉縣檔案為基礎的研究
Qi Sun
The Unified Purchase and Resale System before the Great Leap Forward: With a Focus on Neixiang County, Henan Province


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