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Robert van Gulik and the Cultural History of Animals: A Comparative Study

Jue Chen

Associate Professor of Chinese Literature and History, National Tsing Hua University

From the viewpoint of twenty-first century scholarship, Robert van Gulik’s works in Sinology may seem to be somewhat old-fashioned. However, these works anachronistically reveal a series of elements that are essential to the academic trends of material culture studies and the cultural history of animals since World War II. This paper offers preliminary research on the relationship between Robert van Gulik’s The Gibbon in China and the post-1980s research approach to cultural history of animals in the West. The author has separately written on the relationship between Robert van Gulik and the post-1950s research approach to material culture studies. Both papers form part of the author’s ongoing research project on Sinology and material culture studies.


Keywords: Robert van Gulik, cultural history of animals, new history