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Local Society in Late Qing Hebei as Seen in Village Maps from Two Counties

I-chun Fan

Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica

After the Taiping Rebellion and Nian uprisings in the mid-nineteenth century, Zhili Governor Li Hongzhang ordered the compilation of a provincial gazetteer in order to better understand the situation and facilitate recovery efforts. Preparations for the compilation process included a general survey of local society conducted in all the counties of Hebei province. Information collected in some counties was later reproduced as village maps, which included patterns of population, land, education, elites, religion, periodic market towns, etc. These maps are invaluable sources that can greatly enhance our knowledge of late Qing local society at the village level. Three village maps survive today. This paper makes use of two of the complete and nearly complete maps from Qing County and Shenzhou to indicate some sample features and characteristics of North China villages during the late Qing.


Keywords: village maps, Qing xian, Shenzhou