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Notes on the Study of the History of Reading of Late Qing Intellectuals: “Stock of Knowledge,” “Intellectual Resources” and “Conceptual Change”

Kwang-che Pan

Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica

This paper suggests ways that might be used to construct a general history of reading of late Qing intellectuals. To achieve this purpose, I plan to build up an overall database of thethe stock of knowledgein late Qing China through the basic results of a bibliographical survey of that time. This database will help to indicate what “intellectual resources” were available to intellectuals and how these resources were constructed, and will serve as an index for scholars in checking the reading life of late Qing intellectuals. Ultimately, I wish to describe the driving force behind the transformation from “intellectual resources” to “conceptual change,” which will throw light on the general history of reading in the late Qing.


Keywords: history of reading, history of publishing, “stock of knowledge,” “intellectual resources,” “conceptual change,” late Qing intellectuals, nineteenth century