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A Place of Integration: The County School and the Social Order in Jiading County from Late Song to Early Yuan

Cheng-feng Fang

Graduate Student, the Department of History, Peking University

How should the social order be defined, especially in terms of local society? In my opinion, the roots of the social order lay in the operation of local affairs. Different people played different roles in local affairs. Accordingly, the social order can be examined through the study of the operation of local affairs. In particular, various groups of people in local society were concerned with the County School (縣學), including magistrates, philosophers, local literati, and commoners. In this sense, the school can be regarded as a stage on which such people played their different roles. The variety and the comparative positions of these roles reflected the transformation of the local social order over time. From 1218, when Jiading County was created, to 1330, when the Jiading Prefecture School was rebuilt, the meaning of the county or prefecture school was transformed several times, which reflected transformations of the local social order.


Keywords: county school, late Song and early Yuan, Jiading, local society, social order