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From “Marriage Alliance” to “the End of the Dynasty”:
A New Study of the 1126 Jingkang Crisis of the Song Dynasty

Wai-kei Leung

Publishing Department, Chung Hwa Book Company of Hong Kong

This paper re-examines the 1126 Jingkang Crisis (靖康之難) that occurred at the end of the Northern Song dynasty. Until now, scholars have generally understood this crisis in terms of the Jurchen invasion, the fall of Bianjing (汴京), and the collapse of the Song. An integrated picture thus has yet to be drawn. This paper shows that the fall of Bianjing to the Jurchens did not determine the end of the Song Dynasty. On the contrary, the Jurchens and the Song attempted to settle the matter by a peaceful proposal of “marriage alliance” (帝姬和親). In the end, this proposal did not materialize, partly because Huizong strongly objected to it. But the decisive factor was the struggle between the Jurchen leaders Zonghan (宗翰) and Zongwang (宗望). The former changed his attitude to oppose the proposal while the latter completely supported it. The Song came to an end when their internal struggle became evident in the Song territories.



Keywords: the 1126 Jingkang Crisis, the “Marriage Alliance” policy, Emperor Huizong, Emperor Qinzong, Zonghan, Zongwang