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Master Not Necessary Superior to Disciple:
A Comparative Study of Hu Shi’s and Feng Yulan’s Histories of Chinese Philosophy

Chi-shing Chak

Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica

This essay consists of two parts. By exploring several important issues in Hu Shi’s Zhongguo zhexueshi dagang (An Outline History of Chinese Philosophy 中國哲學史大綱), such as the timing of its appearance, its academic format, and its putatively scientific methods, the first part of the essay attempts to explain how and why it could establish itself as a new paradigm for the humanities at a crucial moment of the transformation of Chinese academic culture. The second part, however, comes to the conclusion that Hu Shi’s work was surpassed by Feng Yulan, his former student at Peking University, by comparing four important aspects of Feng Yulan’s Zhongguo zhexueshi (A History of Chinese Philosophy中國哲學史) with Hu Shi’s work.


Keywords: Hu Shi, Feng Yulan, history of Chinese Philosophy