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Toward Professionalism: The Evaluation and Qualification of Modern Chinese Historians

Long-hsin Liu

Department of History, Soochow University

Professionalizaion is one of the most important characters in the development of the modern learned society. In modern China, the vocation of historical research had undergone a process of professionalizaion bringing out the standardization of the certification of university history teachers. This article will elaborate upon that process, focussing on the institutionalization of the qualification of university teachers, the main producers of knowledge. It will discuss the teaching-research activities of professors, which gradually became the main standard for the qualification of their profession. It will inquire into the interaction between teachers and students, discussing their power relationship and its impact on the formation of academic evaluation mechanism. It will also look into the role which government apparatus played in the promotion of research rewards and the evaluation of professorship.


Keywords: mechanism of professional evaluation, objectification, standardization, teaching, research, qualification, discipline