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A Mistake in the Yüan History on the Date of the Censorial Officials’ Inspection Tour

Chin-fu Hung

Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica

In the article published in 1975, I pointed out that in the Yüan History yuan-shi元史) there is the statement that the censors jian-cha yu-shi監察御史) are annually going out for inspection tour in the end of the eighth lunar month and getting back headquarters in the middle of the fourth lunar month next year. I have proved that the statement is wrong: the said period of time is referring to the surveillance officials su-zeng-lian-fang-si guan 肅政廉訪司官), not to the censors. Recently, Professor Li Zhi-an (李治安) disagreed with me, insisting that the Yüan History’s statement isgenerally correct.Having gone over the source materials used in my old paper and examined the newly collected ones, I cannot but repeat what I said a quarter of a century ago: That is indeed a mistake made by the Yüan History compilers due to their unduly generalization of their original sources.


Keywords: Yüan History, censorial system, inspection tour