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Jin Yuelin: A Case in Thought Reform

Hon Kei Lai

Graduate Institute of National Development, National Taiwan University

Since 1949, when Maoism was established as state orthodoxy, countless intellectuals met the fate of thought reform. Jin Yuelin, the renowned philosopher and logician, was no exception. The prevailing academic opinion is that Jin did so voluntarily. But a detailed study of the historical evidence shows that such a view ignores not only Jin’s anxieties prior to 1949, it underestimates the determination of the CCP in carrying out its thought reform. This study will trace the process of Jin's thought reform and reveal the complex issues of survival that underlay it. Jin’s case may serve as an illustration of the predicament of Chinese intellectuals under Maoist rule.


Keywords: Jin Yuelin, Thought Reform, Intellectuals (Modern China), Formal Logic, Realism (philosophy)