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A Questionable Archaeological Cultural Component Edited in the Textbook of Taiwan History

Kuang-ti Li

Institute of History and Philology, Sinica Academia

At present, there are three different versions of prehistoric cultural developmental sequences and chronology in Taiwan. However, the textbook editors of Junior middle, Senior high, and some in college have adopted the one which has “Wang-hsing Wen-hua (Wang-hsing culture)” in preceramic time period as exclusive material to learn the prehistory of Taiwan. The goal of this paper is to point out, based on the archaeological data and final field report yielded from Po-kung-long site, not enough material could define this “newly found” cultural component in Taiwan. The paper would also like to call attention to the archaeologists in Taiwan: never try to discover a cultural component simply by “like goes with like” principle, lest the public should be miseducated.


Keywords: prehistory of Taiwan, “Wang-hsing Wen Hua (Wang-hsing culture)”, Po-kung-long site