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Old and New Views of Historical

Evidence on Channel-phenomenon in Mainland China

      Chengzhong Liu

Department of Neurology, Dalian Medical University

Many important finds have been made in historical research from the 1950s to 1990s in China, such as the research on ancient channel( jingmo )-books and the ancient channel-wooden figurine unearthed from Western Han Tombs in succession, especially the rediscovery of channel-phenomenon (propagated sensation alongchannels, hereafter PSC) that was lost for the last two thousand years ago.

   All of  historical evidences mentioned about prove that the conception and theory of channels in ancient Chinese medicine originated from the observation and application of PSC in clinical practice diagnosing and treating diseases. Thereupon, new views of historical evidence on channel-phenomenon research came into conflict with old views on the Mainland. The old viewpoint emphasized treatments of written data handed down from ancient times and tried to find the materia1 object of channels. The new viewpoint pays attention to all historical evidence especially emphosized new materia1s, and seeking to re-estab1ish  ancient medical history critically. This conflict is similar to the conflict between old and new views of historical evidence that occured in early twentieth- century China. This maybe a bold step into the 21st century.


Key Words: channel-phenomenon, channel-books, channel-wooden figurine